Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Europe? Why the Netherlands?

Why Europe? Lot's of reasons -- I travel on business quite a bit in the US, haven't been to Europe in a while, enjoyed previous trips, but mostly -- there is some terrific cycling. Which leads to...

Why the Netherlands? There is a lot to like about the Netherlands -- fascinating history, a liberal culture, most Dutch speak better English than I (me?). But let's cut to the biking -- IMHO, you just can't beat it! Think about it...

1) Almost everybody rides so... no bad "car vs bike" dynamic
2) Thousands of kilometers of bicycle paths...
3) Not a heck of a lot of uphill pedalling... highest point in the country is about 300 feet.

Ok, let's address the obvious. No uphill pedalling means... no downhill coasting. But as a cyclist, you still come out WAY ahead. Here's why: Einstein was a cyclist. He noticed that, in hilly areas, you seem to spend 10x as much time pedalling uphill as you do coasting downhill. This is the observation that prompted his "Special Theory of Relativity", which states that time does not flow at a fixed rate. Thus, physics tells us that... cycling in an area without uphills is much better. (Trust me on this one.)

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