Friday, January 8, 2010

The practical minimum of Stuff

Passport + CC + Toothbrush is a bit TOO minimal.

The alternative -- the bikers you sometimes see with tents, sleeping bags, multiple packs, cookware, stoves, etc etc all strapped on -- is too much for what I want.

My goal is lightest feasible load for "credit card touring"... no camping, no cooking.

If I could, I'd strip the load down to a point that it would fit in a tiny backpack I use for my daily commute. That bag holds my computer, train ticket, change of shirt and not much more.

For six weeks on the road, I decided to add a small aluminum briefcase I found on eBay. Modified my bike rack to mount it behind the seat. Checked out how much it could hold, and it was almost enough... but not quite. So I'm also going to use two front-mounted mini-panniers. Should let me balance the load a bit better around the bike, and take just a bit more stuff.

Goal at this point? Doesn't fit... don't take it.

We'll see if it is possible!


  1. Going to the Netherlands you better make sure your luggage is waterproof… You might want to change the briefcase for a Pelican ABS plastic one that is even airtight!
    The roads are often wet from the rain. And your tires/other vehicles will spray you and your luggage

  2. I hear you, and it is great advice! This old Zero Haliburton briefcase is water-resistant, but even after replacing the old rubber gasket with silicone caulk bead... it isn't 100%. When I find a good used Pelican case at right price, I'll grab it.