Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Solar Tech, Tuamotu's Style

In blog below, I griped a bit about cold water. In fact, the water from the tap and shower was cold, and salty. And a cold salty shower, after a cold salty dive, leaves you kind of cold, and salty.

But a bit of engineering gave us a warm (if salty) rinse! Our drinking water was all bottled, and we went through a lot of it. By refilling the empty bottles with cold salty water and leaving them in our "Solar Energy Collection Center" (eg, on some black rocks), we ended up with HOT salty water! A wonderful rinse.

Did have freshwater rinse a couple of days... When it rained, we stood under the run-off from the roof. Freezing, but fresh!

Life in a postcard

Fakarava was rough. It rained on us, and that was cold. We had no hot water for showers. In fact, our running water from the tap... was cold and salty. We were diving with sharks. The coffee was only so-so. And there was something else to complain about, but I forget...

Still, can't get away from the fact that it was pretty much "life in a postcard". Between dives, we sat like zombies and watched the horizon until the sun set. Then we watched the stars. (And a couple of episodes of Lost on our iPad.)

As always, photos tell the story better than words...

Two views taken from our cabin, and one picture of the cabin.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pace of life on Fakarava...

A rusty bike. A hen. A few chicks. Afternoon on Fakarava.