The Frites Report

Queen's Day in Otterlo:  Very good fries at Borgwaal cafe, eaten at table outdoors, accompanied by small salad.

Sunday May 2 in Lent:  Excellent take-away fries from "Cafeteria Lent", a low-rent place I found by observing local foot traffic heading down a side street, then followed my nose.  Very friendly guys.  Turkish?  Frites served with garlic mayo.  Crispy!

Monday May 3 in Amsterdam:  No fries, but terrific potato-asparagus soup.

Tuesday May 4 in Haarlem:  Good take-away fries from tiny shop off main square, by church.  Classic presentation in rolled-up paper cone.  Generous portion, piping hot (perfect for cold biker on raw afternoon).  Eaten standing.  Served with "Sambal Mayo" -- nice and spicy!

Thursday May 6 in Haarlem:  Independent confirmation by Katie: this shop has really good fries.  K: small fries, tomato ketchup.  S: large fries, garlic mayo.

Saturday May 14 in Amsterdam:  Long time, no fries.  Don't think we had ANY during the bike/barge trip -- the appetite was there, but the frites were not.  Northern peninsula of Netherlands is frites-impoverished region.  Plenty of options in fried fish, very few in potato.  Had some fries this afternoon here in Amsterdam, but at a cafe rather than a stand.  They were good, no question, but not great.  The olives and garlic in oil on the other hand were a knockout!