Monday, April 30, 2018

Launching a new adventure

Mexico was terrific. And did gain some proficiency in Spanish... for example, can say with confidence "soy un estudiante perezoso!"

Now in the Netherlands, starting a month plus of really mixed travel.  Few days here in Hoorn enjoying a terrific little city, then two weeks of cruising Baltic on a big ship with a bunch of line dancer friends, then couple weeks of biking around including bike/barge trip from Amsterdam to Brugge and independent stays in Deventer and Den Bosch.

Fingers crossed for good weather!  May is notoriously iffy.  Right now I'd have to say it is a) cold and b) rainy here in Hoorn.  So have plenty of room to be grateful when it gets a bit nicer.

Heading to the ship this afternooon.  Photo from Hoorn's old harbor, one of the original ports of the VOC...