Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Vamos a ver... fietsers en Mérida!

Long time since last post... two and half years?
Last seen leaving Netherlands on a cool spring morning in 2015, heading home to San Mateo.
Weather this morning in San Mateo is similar to that last day in Netherlands... cool again at 48 degrees just before dawn.  Lunar eclipse this morning! A good day to hit the road again.  To where?  Mérida, Mexico, con my amiga especial Katie.  Porque?  Para estudiar y practicar la espanol.  Y creo que es 85 degrees mas o menos hoy en Merida... tan bueno!  Hace calor!

This has been a travels-by-bicycle blog, mainly.  Is there any bike connection to this trip to qualify for a spot here?  Well, yes.

When we decided last year to spend this February in Mérida, studying Spanish and just kind of hanging out down where it is warm every day, we checked out AirBnB to find a place to stay.  Lots of nice apartments and houses in old downtown colonial Mérida!  How to pick?  Well, one stood out... how could we resist this pitch:  "Style on a budget: two free bikes" ?  They had our number, we were helpless to resist.  Think parts of Mérida are closed to car traffic on Sundays -- hope so -- should be fun cruising around.  At minimum, we'll have two bikes parked in our living room, so the apartment will seem like home from the very start.