Friday, September 28, 2012

Trip did not end in potato field...

A friend was kind enough to point out that the blog kind of stopped after that last post -- leaving the impression that the trip ended in the middle of a potato field somewhere near Deventer.  Not so!  I just never got around to tickling the keys after that day.

That day was actually a terrific ride -- sunny, hot, breezy -- with the constant feeling that a summer storm was somewhere out there, just not quite here yet.  We arrived in Zwolle, checked in to B&B after some tricky navigating, went out for a walk, shopped at what may have been the worlds most 'boutiquey' little grocery store, had a great picnic by the riverside, walked around, saw a carnival being set up then headed back just as the sky opened up with a drencher!  As I recall, thunder, lightning, and leaky windows in our room -- but felt great.

Did an experiment that day -- used the Contour handlebar camera all day, until it ran out of juice, in "one shot every 60 seconds" mode.  Every 60 seconds, whatever was in front of the handlebars -- had its picture taken.  Very random, but kind of captures the feeling of riding through the day!  Here are the photos -- shows one every 2 seconds -- so 4 hours is condensed down to about 5 minutes.