Monday, January 25, 2010

Which bike?

I'm planning to ride my Bike Friday Tikit. Bike is optimized for foldability, but without sacrificing rideability. Bought this bike as a treat last Fall, and since then it has become my main commute ride -- my old favorite Raleigh Twenty is now in semi-retirement. Tikit has tiny wheels (16") , while most bikes have wheels running roughly 24" - 28". Seems like this would make it ride like a toy, but it doesn't... wheelbase is comparable to a normal bike. Drivetrain is based on the Nexus 8-speed internally geared hub and small drive sprocket paired with a large chainwheel... so pedalling cadence and gear ratios also roughly match a normal bike. Internal hub may seem an odd choice, but I like these Nexus hubs, and have put lots of miles on them on a variety of bikes. Bike is middle of the road weight-wise... guessing around 25 pounds. I'll weigh it eventually and find out for sure.

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