Wednesday, May 13, 2015

To Haarlem

Den Haag to Haarlem would have been another 35 mile day.  Decided that sounded like too much, and improvised a new plan.  Ride to the station... take trains to some tiny town part way... ride the rest.  Good plan!  Did ride about 18 miles, and that was ample.

Got off the train at the whistle stop of Hillegom, in tulip country near where Keukenhoff event is held.  It is late in the tulip season now, but there were still some gorgeous fields.

Bought a ham croissant and coffee from a woman running a little temporary lunch stand at the station.  Slow day, I was her only customer.  She was pretty entrepreneurial, was doing "research" for a couple months to see if it was worth opening a permanent stand.  Entrepreneurial enough that we cooked up a business plan over lunch conversation about the California drought and Holland weather: export Dutch water to California, in exchange for payment in sunshine from California.  They've got water aplenty in Holland, and California has sunshine to spare.  This is a can't miss opportunity.  We just need to line up some venture capital and a couple of code guys to write the HTML or whatever and we are golden.

Taking the day off from biking, instead just walking in Haarlem.  It's a nice city, good for walking... one pleasant street leading to another in no particular pattern.  City was built before Descartes invented concept of a grid, so it's way easy to just wander.

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