Wednesday, May 13, 2015


My memory of the frites from small shop near big church in Haarlem was that they were pretty exceptionally good (confirmed by independent opinion from Katie on visit a couple years back).

But on this trip, the frites from a little local shop in Alphen really stood out.  We found ourselves building them into our dinner plans more than once.  ("What do you think about smoked salmon and salad for dinner?  You bet!  Should we have anything else?  How about frites?  Even better!")

Back in Haarlem, I thought it was a good opportunity to compare.  So after walking much of the day and building up a good appetite, I went back to that shop.  They were doing a steady business, usually a good sign.  Ordered a portion...

Maybe they are under new management, maybe having an off day, maybe -- who knows.  No question, the frites were good.  But the blue ribbon on this trip goes to the frites in Alphen!
I'll be back in Alphen one last time on Friday night to pack up my bike and pick up some luggage, so may have a chance to re-affirm my findings and enjoy a (small) portion.

Hat is still off to frittuers Lucien & Eric in Belgium near Maastricht.


  1. Baking fries is an art involving closely guarded secrets.
    Talking about fish try:
    Smoked Makreel
    Smoked Paling (Eel)
    Fried Kabeljauw (Cod)

    Traditionally we buy it at the (farmers) Market on Friday...

  2. I tried Smoked Paling and fresh Herring with onions... both terrific... "Dutch Sushi" :-)
    Will keep my eyes open for Makreel and Kabeljauw!