Monday, May 11, 2015

Sunday -- Mothers Day! -- Ride

Had planned to ride from Dordrecht to Schipluiden via Rotterdam on Sunday -- but I found myself kind of dreading the ride through Rotterdam.  Probably would have been fine, but why ride through a big city when the countryside beckoned?  On a beautiful day.  Warm, light breeze, clear sky.  So I followed my instinct, and changed my plan.

Instead, took the train to Delft.  Picked up a posted bike network literally yards outside the Delft station, and spent the afternoon gradually working my way south across a nature reserve towards Schipluiden.  Stayed at a very nice location a few kilometers southwest of Schipluiden.

Challenging to actually finding this B&B.  You can't reach it by car -- only by foot, bike, or boat. It's an old (1650) farmhouse, nicely remodeled, next to a canal.  On one side, I looked down at a meadow.  On the other side, I looked up at the canal!  I understand that I actually stayed in what was once the cow stables.  Those cows certainly had it good.  Main house is shared by other guests, but tonight I was the only one.  Owners live on the other side of main structure, in what was once the pig barn.  Imagine it has been remodeled just as nicely as well. Plus, another beautiful big tub and ample hot water!

It was a photogenic kind of day, almost everything I looked at this afternoon was sweet.  Lot's of bird life, and lot's of people out enjoying the day.

Plus, it's Mothers Day.  A conductor on the train reminded me!  My mother has passed on.  Hope that if she knew what I'm doing, she would enjoy it.


  1. Fantastic photo of the little bird!

  2. Dumb luck! The big birds are slow enough that you can actually kind of plan a photo. The little ones move so fast that you can't know what you got until you look at the photo later. Had no idea I had caught that guy with his beak open so wide!