Sunday, April 26, 2015

Second half

Packed up our boat stuff, said goodbyes and left the Anna Antal on Saturday morning.  Train to Alphen and back to our little apartment.  Unpacked and assembled bikes... took about an hour each... then out for a short and simple leg stretcher ride of 5 miles -- cross the bridge and right on LF2.
Good nights stleep, a breakfast, and then off for our first real ride here.  No goal, no hard plan, just a "ride as long as it fees good and try to find our way back to the apartment safe in time for dinner".

Katie navigated using the "Fietsroute Netwerk" system of map signage and did a great job -- we did make it back safe after 26 miles, had a mid-afternoon snack of Frites followed by a nice dinner of rice, salmon and salad.  Believe Katie felt justly proud and competent!  (Will post our exact route here later.)

Weather last week was unusually fine but nothing lasts forever.  We are in the Netherlands so... broke out the rain gear.  On the bright side it's a fine light rain, barely wet at all.

Beautiful ride.  A highlight was seeing a pair of nesting storks!

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  1. What a concept a map and clear signage. Even if you don't speak Dutch or have a GPS you can find your way around just fine.... Well except in 1940 when we pointed them in the wrong direction on purpose ;-)