Sunday, April 26, 2015

King's Day

Today is
King's Day.

Everyone  celebrates, even Google.  And it is a sunny morning!

Had a great adventure last night -- helped a mom and her son recover his stolen bike.  They were in town square inspecting a bike by iPhone flashlight.  It was his, filched the day before when he left it unattended and unlocked for a moment.  Long story short, together we got it back to our apartment and watched it while they went home and got his spare key.  Key worked, so it was his bike for sure.  All's well that ends well.  Here's a picture of his bike... Katie and I found a photo on the website of the shop here in Alphen were he got the bike new 7 months ago as a present.

Resumed later in the day...  and what a day in 
Alphen!  Lot's going on. Flea market.  Rides.  Multiple concerts.  Food stands.  Everyone enjoying the day, from kids to grandparents. Even local Hell's Angel was out shopping the flea market.

Best concert in my books was a tasteful presentation by a local band of selected great works by the old masters -- Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, the King, etc.  Surprised but happy to find that they covered a couple Ry Cooder tunes, even though to the best of my knowledge he isn't pushing up tulips yet.  Everybody dancing and having a great time.  One little kid stood rapt in front of the stage, just loving it... in a few years he'll be up there himself.

 Then out on the back roads and bike paths for a 15 mile ride.

Now time for dinner!

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  1. Ah yes "Koninginnedag" is always one giant party :-)