Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunny Sunday, Lent > Arnhem

Another beautiful day, no precipitation event.  Four or five days running of perfect cycling weather if your definition of perfect cycling weather is sunny, warm, long days.  The odds of this continuing are against us... this isn't natural... we are psychologically prepared for another soaker, but enjoying sun and warmth while it lasts.

Cycled Lent to Arnhem today after a great nights sleep, a good breakfast and a lazy morning.  Short distance in a direct line, but we ended up riding about 30 miles again... our typical day... meandering around the country.  Staying in a houseboat on the Rhine, really nice place and a killer location.  Just back from terrific Indonesian dinner... cycled to dinner, naturally.

Seems like everybody here now has electric bikes... not really everybody, but there are a lot... and lot's of different types.  And saw a very unique bike:  a tandem, with an old 2-stroke 50cc motor, putt putting along with two riders.

Having a great time, I'm about as happy as this donkey...

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  1. Glad you read that you are having such ar great time!
    Try to visit Ravenstein !!!!!