Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunday morning... mucho cycling... changes... a new saddle

Dawn Thursday promised great weather for cycling, and the day came through... as did Friday and Saturday... now Sunday, and weather looks even better.  In Nijmegen (Lent), and not a cloud in the sky at 7:30.

Internet connectivity on a boat in the country or tied up at the end of a wharf is pretty spotty... classic 'thin/shaky pipe', if you can get a connection at all... so I haven't been writing much.  Time for a little catch up.

The Golden Circle route really has been terrific riding through beautiful country, on some wonderful bike paths.

Second, the group of people has turned out to be a pleasure.  Interesting process, how strangers with a common interest become friends over the course of a week cycling.

Although I am allergic to children, having the five kids along turned out to be fun.  At times they were like a troupe of monkeys, and with their size and nimbleness could easily beat me to the best bits at the breakfast buffet. But at other times they gave a chance to see the world through child's eyes, which was really great.
And best of all, during a break to fix a flat tire, I had the chance to teach them how to make the supremely annoying 'blade of grass turkey gobbler trumpet'.  They can take that bit of priceless knowledge back to Catalonia, impress all their friends and annoy their teachers.

Yesterday was last morning on the boat.  Said good-byes, then headed to airport to pick up our Tikits.  Bike assembly took about 2 hours, but went very well... locker area at Schipol has nice stainless steel tables, perfect for the job.  Only one washer left over at the end, and it was a very small one, so can't be that important I hope.  Took train to Nijmegen... rode across to Lent... dropped off bags at B&B... went out for a local ride... quiet evening, early to bed, both slept great, and here we are!

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