Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rainy Monday...

Team Anna Antal cycled Hoorn > Einkhausen, then spent afternoon at museum.

Katie and I had been to the museum before, so decided to separate from group and ride a different route on our own, via the KP network.  Rode nn > nn > nn >nn, which makes sense if you have a map of the network.  Total about 33 miles.

What was truly outstanding was the variety of rain.  Started with light sprinkle, through shower, to rain, to rainstorm, on to torrent, then deluge, then deluge raining sideways with howling winds. At one point we saw a waterspout in the distance offshore of Medemblik.  No photos of this trip, would have needed a Nikonos underwater camera.  Riding in rain was kind of fun!  Once you are well and truly soaked to the bone, with zero chance of getting dry for hours to come, might as well roll with it and have a laugh.

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  1. Welcome to my country and its "horizontal monsoons"...