Wednesday, August 8, 2012

... and Rainy Tuesday ...

Saw the sun peak through a couple times, especially in the morning.  Otherwise, magnificent endless varieties of Netherlands rain, with generous amount of wind.  Rode with group on a tour out of Vollenhove.  "Venice of the Netherlands" area, small towns withcanals instead of streets.  Area was mined for peat from 15th century on... early mining entirely unregulated, resulted in subsidence across entire region, hence flooding, hence the current canal-based environment... basically water with spots of land.  Our guide (Edward) is a bit scandalized that 15th-century peat mining was so unregulated -- situation had been corrected be 17-century, so later peat mining did less damage.

Visited Monnikenmolen, an old mill restored by a bunch of mill enthusiasts,  early in the day.  Great guy there, 'dressed' the mill and gave us a tour of the works.  Amazing engineering, and no circuit boards. 

Good group of riders, all good sports, happy even while we had our lunch standing under tiny awnings outside of SPAR grocery store standing in, naturally, the rain.

Rumor is that tomorrow will be better weather.  Ferry man at one crossing said he has never seen worse than these two days, was actually scared at one point, so there is definitely room for some improvement.


  1. I think you where in "Volendam"

  2. Hi Rogier -- No, was Vollenhove -- we are getting to some smaller and off-the-path places on this trip. Having a great time -- weather turned
    the corner, has been terrific, perfect for cycling
    last couple days. Riding Nijmegen > Arnhem today --
    not far as crow flies, but we are taking back road
    paths, so about 30 miles. -- Steve