Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What are the odds???

Stayed Sunday night in Amsterdam with a neighbor of Enno's. Incredible deal: Euro 30, in the heart of the city, with the money going to support a plumbing project in Africa.

The carrying strap on my bike broke as we were schlepping it upstairs. The strap itself didn't break -- it is indestructible nylon web -- but the little grommet & bolt holding it onto the frame 'pulled through' the strap. I had seen it coming for a while, it had been getting looser and looser, and it finally just went. A very minor problem, more of an aggravation really.

I looked closely at it, and thought "all I need is a small stainless steel washer to fix this -- but I don't have one, so it will have to wait until I get home."

That evening, while walking home from dinner, I looked down at the sidewalk, and there it was: a washer of exactly the the right size -- and not made of brass, galvanized steel or plastic but actual stainless steel.

In 5 weeks of cycling, I have not seen any other stainless steel washers laying at my feet. What are the odds of finding precisely the random bit that was needed, exactly when it was needed?

(Also fixed my rear tire, using spare from stash at C/G/J's. Easy swap, took 10 minutes, no problem. Old tire was frapped... inside the carcasse you could see the damage, rubber was in bad shape at the 'goiter' spot, I'm lucky I was able to limp the last few miles on it without a blowout!)

So all is good on the mechanical front.

Going for ride to Haarlem this afternoon.

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  1. I find in my life that once in a while I get exactly what I need when I least expect it. I wonder if all I should really do is announce to the universe what I am in need of and just be aware of where I am and those needs might be filled by the universe at large.

    We find in our business sort of a "gravity well effect" we wont get offered a thing for years then in a short span of time 3 arrive at our door, all from different places. Or a customer makes a query and I say haven't had one in years, or quite a rare thing and before I can mount a search someone sends me one, a customer brings one in or a staffer unearths it from a ox we have had for years.

    I hope this trip was filled with moments that make you know the universe at large is your friend and wants to see you succeed