Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Most surreal moment

As I get closer to packing up and heading home (tomorrow!) I find myself thinking about special moments of the last few weeks.

This was hands-down the most surreal moment: an Ostrich inspecting a Tikit.

Came across a flock of Ostriches one morning, on a farm near Afferden.

They are as inquisitive as they are large! This hen showed a real fascination with my bicycle. Is she showing normal Dutch interest in bikes? Or does she take it for some strange new Ostrich -- the visual impression of seatpost and seat do kind of echo Ostrich neck and head.

After checking out the bike, she took a specific interest in the pannier she could reach. Pannier now has Ostrich beak marks.

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  1. Sorry we missed you at Erwin's (thanks for the little plant, which we left for the room, of course) and wondered if you were also returning on our KLM flight today. I'll read back on your blog after I get some sleep; am just in from SFO an hour ago.