Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A great dinner

Realized that after a couple days of constant on-the-go, fueled basically by snacks (frites, granola, cold sandwiches), I was feeling a bit run down. Not bad, just... depeleted.

So I went out for a nice dinner, at a place down the street recommended by C&G: restaurant called Gent, located by the foot/bicycle bridge over local canal, on street leading to Vondelpark.

Terrific meal:
-- Warm brown bread with butter
-- Salad of fresh greens with pancetta and carmelized pears
-- Organic chicken breast stuffed with cheese, more pancetta, and fresh asparagus

I'm topped up on vitamins, calories and flavor! Feeling good.

Recommendations for this place if you are in the neighborhood.


  1. S - OK, now I am really jealous ... ahhh, Gent. So good, so good. Be sure to take K there while she's over. Have fun!


  2. I find the bread and butter in Europe to be very very different then the US. You have biked many many miles and deserve a marvelous crusty bread slathered with their amazing butter. In fact for breakfast try some nutella, it tastes even better there.

  3. Don’t forget to go to an Indonesian restaurant and order an Indonesian Rise table.

    Better be hungry!

  4. Rijsttafel! Excellent idea! Katie just got here, so tonight isn't the night for it... but a great dinner for tomorrow. Rogier -- any recommendations for specific restaurant in Oude Zuid / Zuid neighborhood??? THANKS for the suggestion, I'm ALWAYS hungry ;-)