Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good walk, sore feet, one photo.

Gave the bike a rest today. Stayed in Amsterdam, and walked... and walked... and walked.

About 20 kilometers, but some of it was on the #2 tramline. Started out this morning with short walk to local bakery for breakfast of croissant, an orange, coffee. Then longer walk to grocery store to pick up some milk, juice etc. Then an extended amble around the neighborhood to check it out post jet-lag. Then a failed attempt to find a tiny mouse for this netbook (trackpad works but not my favorite). Then a hike in Vondelpark. Then back to apartment at 3:00, to touch base with Katie -- who will be here tomorrow! Then a really big walk from Old South / Olde Zuit (this neighborhood) to downtown. Downtown too crowded and touristy (look who's complaining -- a guy recognizable at 100 paces as a tourist from California). Then a walk part way back, and a decision midway to be kind to feet and hop on tram!

Travelled light, did not even take camera. Just clothes, cash, passport, and a plastic shopping bag. Bag is handy for lots of stuff, and gave me the appearance of actually having a purpose in my wandering.

Laundry last night successful, but -- why on earth do graphic / industrial designers think that the little glyphs they put on appliances are any help at all? Luckily Cathleen had left me a couple post-it notes with meanings of the symbols. Very grateful... otherwise, I would have been staring at the machine all night, like a caveman who just discovered a space ship.

Time to put up feet, then think about dinner.

Photo taken from C&G's kitchen balcony, just after 6:00 pm.


  1. S - I have so enjoyed your blog, especially since I was just there. And totally agree about the dryer ... I sure couldn't figure it out - and hence, a caveman. Love the picture taken from the kitchen balcony and your stories of your walks in the neighborhood and Vondelpark. And ... are you sure that it is only 45 steps??? Eloise

  2. El --
    Not certain at all re my total of 45 steps. I do know that each of the flights has 15 steps... I counted them, to help keep from tripping when carrying bike up/down.
    But I don't know for certain exactly how MANY flights... only know that they seem to go on forever! (Plus of course the 15 "ladder / step" flight up to the penthouse... a climb best done like a kid, using both hands and feet.)
    -- S.

  3. Steve,

    I am having a hard time not laughing at the comments, sounds like a wonderful time! Glad to hear that "Helga" seems to know her way around Europe, maybe the name is actually appropriately given. Stay safe and dry!

  4. Kelly -- Helga seems to know her way around northern Europe much better than central US! Or maybe it is just that at bicycle speeds... she has a bit more time to think :-)
    -- S.