Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vrienden op de Fiets

Cannot speak highly enough of Friends of the Bicycle (Vrienden op de Fiets) network.

Nearly 4000 individuals or families in the Netherlands and Belgium who make space available in their homes for touring cyclists.

Hot shower, clean bed, good breakfast and great company -- for 18.50 Euro. Less than $25.00.

I've spent the last five nights with members, who have been unbelievably gracious in welcoming a sweaty, dirty stranger into their homes.

The people have been kind, interesting, and interested. The places have been quiet and relaxed, in terrific locations.

At breakfast the first day, I watched a wild pheasant browsing in the back field. That evening, I received an education in the hydraulics of the 1972 Citroen, a car way ahead of its time. Next day, discussed Greek mythology and Dutch housing construction. One night, planned out a possible itinerary for the coming week with a fietser who is leaving soon for a cycling holiday in France.

Huge thank you to Ria, Bert, Carla, Mieke, Hanneke and all the other members of V.o.d.F !

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