Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Four weeks on the road: time for a Checkup

Feet and legs are doing great. No blisters, and the legs just keep pumping.

Sit bones and saddle have reached an accommodation, neither bothers to complain any longer.

Psyche is good. For the occasional low (lost... well, confused... and tired, while riding into wind) there are multiple highs (spotting a stork atop a church chimney, a good espresso at a cafe stop, interesting conversations with friendly strangers, hot shower at the end of a ride, 'old master' countryside... the list is almost endless).

Mild problem with a knot in one shoulder for past few days, but drugstores opened again Tuesday after a 3-day holiday... and Naprosyn is a wonder drug!

Gear is all holding up very well. No mechanical problems. Total maintenance has been a few drops of oil, topping up tire pressure, recharging batteries.

A couple days ago, I had reached the point of "hey, this is great but beam me home now." Something changed (realization that I actually will be heading home in a week?), and I'm back in the moment and feeling different. Would love to see Katie, Vinnie, soak in the hot tub and sleep in my own bed... but there is still so much I'd like to see here, and by my best estimate I've ridden less than 2% of the Netherlands bicycle paths...

Life is good, having a great time, had to pull my belt in a notch yesterday despite all the good eating... but had to let it back out today, as the good eating caught up!

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