Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two terrific days in Mokum

Mokum... slang for Amsterdam (thanks to Enno for the info!).

Two terrific days. Garrett picked me up at the airport and Jonathan, Cathleen, Garrett and I have been basically hanging out.

Incredible weather... t-shirt days. Amsterdam is heading into Queen's Day holiday, and a lot of people knocked off early to enjoy a couple days of perfect blue skies and warm breezes.

Recuperated from travel yesterday, went cycling today. Cathleen lent me her bike, and I took it out for a short ride. Cathleen: keep the bike, fix the brakes! Then I put my bike together (no damage from the travel) and went out for a longer afternoon ride. Terrific! Rode kind of aimlessly, just focusing on mastering the protocols of cycling here. Amsterdam has no 'master plan' of roads... so I was lost, then found, then lost again, found again... throughout the afternoon. Eventually did make it back home, so I was never apparently lost beyond retrieval.

Much of the two days spent enjoying getting to know Jonathan, who is about 5 months old. Those of you who know me will be saying "Hunh???", given my usual relationship with babies. 99% of babies seem to see me and burst into tears. Jonathan is in the remaining 1%... bursts into smiles (at pretty much everything, so I can't really take the credit).

Heading out tomorrow to Arnhem by train, then by bike to Otterlo. Given how well I did today at getting lost, I'm a bit nervous, but hey... will try it and see how it goes.

Amsterdam is a fascinating city in many ways, but kind of heaven on earth if you just dig bicycles. To see what I mean, take a look at these photos... 82 pictures taken during 73 minutes, by a guy sitting at a cafe.


  1. At 4 PM here, and 1 AM there, we are both at 57F/14C, (imagine that!) though our rain is moving on and yours is just arriving. So glad all is going well over there!

  2. Steve - If you make it to Copenhagen, you have to check this out!

  3. Steve, Enjoyed reading your blog tonight, sounds like you are primed for the ride of a lifetime>

  4. Steve, don't know if you made arrangements to get the book Vrienden Op de Fiets over there, but I just received my copy here in the US and it looks like a great opportunity for finding frugal accomodations all over the Netherlands.
    We'll be using it a lot on our trip during the next 2 weeks. Hope to see you on the Fietspad! Stu