Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flying east...

Katie dropped me off at the airport Monday morning. Checked in no problem... wasn't sure whether checking the bike would be simple, but as far as the guy at United counter was concerned it was just a big blue suitcase, that squeaked in under the weight limit. Weighed in about 48 pounds, which surprised me a bit. Of course, that includes the weight of the suitcase, some tools, spare tire, couple other things... but this little Tikit bike is no featherweight.

Reached Chicago no problem, stretched legs, changed planes, and took off on the intercontinental leg six hours ago. Finished my first book -- a Jack Reacher turkey. Had a meal. Listened to some tunes. Slept a bit (got lucky, have two seats in United Economy Plus or whatever they call it, so I could even kind of 'lie down'... like a contortionist hedgehog... for a little while). Woke up with a few hours flight time still to go.

If my navigation guesstimate is right, we are more or less right above the volcano now but at about 37,000 feet so well out of any ash plume nonsense. Must admit though, that I am keeping an ear out for any change in engine pitch.

Was nervous as a cat in the rain yesterday, very distracted, had to keep myself from unpacking / repacking / messing about with bike etc. Katie was kind enough to keep a close eye on me and make sure I didn't walk in front of a bus or anything, but I really was not tracking.

Beautiful weekend though! We went out for two nice rides... "Inside Loop" and "End of Trail". Had dinner with Jane and Steve -- Steve was off to Hawaii in the morning, Jane to Turkey a couple hours later.

Garrett has offered to pick me up at Schiphol. What a very nice thing, and much appreciated.

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  1. Good news!! Got your message from A'dam, glad to hear you're out and about, getting oriented. Can't wait to go!!