Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Mountain of Stuff, reprise

Reduced the mountain to a molehill, and have it all packed up into briefcase, two mini-panniers, and a handlebar bag.

Two weeks until departure, but who's counting?


  1. Wow, very impressive for 6 weeks Steve!! You'll have to teach me and Jeff how to pack so lightly.

  2. Hi Kelly! Secret is... really good soap. Buried somewhere in the pile is a 2 oz. bottle of a P&G product called Orvus: pure sodium lauryl sulfate(C12H25SO4Na), "an anionic surfactant used in many cleaning and hygiene products. The molecule has a tail of 12 carbon atoms, attached to a sulfate group, giving the molecule the amphiphilic properties required of a detergent." Most designer shampoo products are dilute S-L-S plus dyes, perfumes, etc. Orvus, however, being intended primarily for veterinary use, skips the additives. (Yes, it is the shampoo used to prep prize livestock for County Fair appearances.) Here's my theory: if Orvus won't get a clothing item clean, then it's time that item hits the trash. By the way, Orvus is a bit cheaper than designer shampoos: $20 for 7.5 lb jar. (I'm thinking about turning the guy who writes "Cheapskate" column for WSJ on to this.)