Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Knooppuntennetwerk

The Knooppuntennetwerk -- one of those things that is obvious, once someone invents it. A few years ago, Netherlands began implementing this bicycle signposting system. I could attempt to describe it, but why bother when it is so well described in this short video. Suffice to say, the Knooppuntennetwerk seems to make it nearly impossible to become lost. Nonetheless, I shall persevere in my simple ambition.


  1. Now you understand why I still get lost here…..
    Proper road signs are practically non existent here in the US

  2. Well, you may not be able to get lost in the Netherlands, but like the guy on the video said - you don't have to plan ahead! Pretty cool system :D

  3. Oh, oh, oh, what fun is it if one isn't lost at least once a day?!!!

  4. I love this idea, it makes perfect sense and directs you to the most interesting sights to see and keeps bikes and cars apart. This is brilliant.

  5. The system with 'fietsknooppunten' was developped by a Belgian coal mine engineer and introduced in Belgium and the Netherlands in the mid-nineties.
    http://www.fietsnet.be/routeplanner/default.aspxcovers Flanders and the German speaking part of Belgium, as well as some provinces in the Netherlands.
    In combination with the families of 'Vrienden op de Fiets' it's almost a guarantee for a successful bicycle holiday. If only the weather would ... ;-)