Friday, March 5, 2010

Velorama... National Fietsmuseum

I do have one fixed destination: a museum dedicated to 200 years of cycling history, with 250 bicycles, tricycles, quadricycles ranging from an 1817 Draisine (hobby-horse design, basically a padded beam with 2 iron-shod wheels) through... who knows.

Will the museum crowds there be 6-deep as they are for Vermeer, Van Gogh, Rembrandt? Or will the 'crowd' consist of me?

Check it out: Velorama National Fietsmuseum


  1. I once spent time in Nijmegen and began a 7-day ride from nearby Arnhem, but that was in 1984. Great area to explore by bicycle. I still have my directions from that trip and will maybe do it again this year---and will check out the Fietsmuseum, too.

  2. How come we didn't get in touch, I am the BF stronghold for this part of western europe. Always nice to meet another " small-wheeler ".

    Enno Roosink, BF Aficionado since 1995.

  3. Enno -- Good to hear from you, and it would be a delight to meet you on this trip! I will try to contact you by email. -- Steve