Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some plans emerge...

OK, travelling completely sans plan is a neat goal but hard to realize... our reach should always exceed our grasp. I do now have a basic plan for first few days.

Will stay with Cathleen, Garrett and Jonathan in Amsterdam for two nights (thank you!). Have known Garrett for a long time, Cathleen for a couple years, and have yet to meet Jonathan -- looking forward to meeting him! That will take me up to the start of Queen's Day weekend. If you have never experienced Queen's Day in Amsterdam, you've missed something. If you have experienced it... you'll understand why I'm heading out of town. Will go to Arnhem by train, cycle to Otterlo and stay at a little B&B for two nights... do some cycling in Hoge Vulewe and visit the Kronner-Muller museum (a long-term "gee I'd like to do that" goal). Then cycle to Nijmegen, spend two nights there and visit the cycle museum. After that, no plan for a few days. Probably just ride and see what happens.

Meeting K at the airport in early May (reminder to self: be there! Check that date and arrival time). We'll visit C/G/J for a day or two, then head off for a bike/barge trip.


  1. When you go to Nijmegen visit “Ravenstein” its a very nice little historic village!

    BTW Nijmegen has the remains of one of the oldest know remains of a bridge build by the Romans.
    Arnhem was the last frontier for the final push for the liberation of Europe from the Nazi’s. See a Bridge to Far movie...

  2. OK you will miss the famous 4 day march in Nijmegen: