Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Built for comfort

Willie Dixon said it best: "I'm built for comfort, not for speed..."

I'm changing my saddle. Brooks saddles are classics, and I like them. I have two of them. The one on my Tikit now is absolutely terrific for fast commute-distance rides... but after doing some significant miles recently, I see a change coming. After 30+ mile ride, that great little saddle leaves me feeling like I sat on wasp nest.

The other saddle (above) is lovely soft leather, like an old baseball glove. By comparison it feels like sinking into a fine, fine armchair. Head and sit bones agree: it's time for a swap.


  1. Comfort is a necessity on this trip. If you bruise your saddle bones early in you will not enjoy this amazing journey. So go with the comfy saddle

  2. Hi KH! I hear you! I put comfy saddle on, and did a reasonable ride this weekend -- let me just say, a world of difference. It's only Tuesday, and I can already sit down without wincing ;-)