Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fine Dining on the Road

Ask any springtime cyclist, and they will confirm: you'll have an ample supply of fresh protein, consumed "on the fly" so to speak. However -- a steady diet of tiny gnats, while nutritious, ultimately fails to fully satisfy. What a cyclist wants and needs is Fries.

Moreover, cycle enough miles and you can almost justify fries as health food... especially if you've already had your daily protein.

My friend Rogier just suggested my second "must do" destination: a fries stand in Belgium. Check it out: Once you make it to Maastricht you have to cycle over to Belgium to get the best fries ever! Here is a link to my favorite place when I lived there:

Pause a moment and parse that URL: "" implies -- an entire site dedicated to finding great Fries. This could be the genesis of my next trip!


  1. Indeed its not quite health food ;-)

    Perhaps you might want to bring a stash of Beer Jerky. A handy source of proteins that they don’t know in Europe..