Sunday, February 28, 2010

4.5 Fridays in Netherlands in May?

Heard from several Bike Friday riders who will also be cycling in Netherlands in May. A neighbor (well, 20 miles... ) is planning to spend a couple of weeks in mid-May riding in Amsterdam area, with a friend, both on Bike Fridays (a Crusoe and a Tikit), and another pair of Bike Friday riders will be touring mid-May on a Tandem. So, that will be 5 of us riding in the Netherlands, on 4.5 Fridays (counting the tandem as 1.5?), at the same time. Wonder if any other Bike Friday riders will be cycling in the low countries then? 5 is very cool, and I hope that we'll cross paths for a day's cycling or at least a coffee break and photo at a crossroads somewhere. 6 or more riders? ... Well, that could be a "Bike Friday Flash Mob Netherlands" kind of event!

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