Friday, February 26, 2010


Taking some basic electronics: Netbook, GPS, camera, battery charger. Netbook is incredible -- a Samsung N120, sub 3 lbs yet very high function, a terrific Daily Deal purchase on eBay. GPS -- a Garmin eTrex Legend, designed for cycling -- seems an odd choice for someone who claims to have no fixed destination hence no need for location, but I have discovered that I want to keep a record of where I will have been. (How many tenses in that sentence?).

Camera will probably be Canon S3. Battery charger prevents leaving a trail of dead AA batteries along the way.


  1. Nice that you won't be lugging batteries (and tossing them in the fjords when you're done with them), but does that mean you'll require a voltage converter? Ooh, or are you packing a bicycle wheel generator... powering your batteries while you ride!

    Since you'll be tracking your locations, and if you keep your device dates in sync, after your trip you can marry the GPS location with your images. I've been toying with the EXIF data native to TIFF and JPEG files and like the idea of keeping as much data encapsulated in the image file a possible. Call me a nerd, but geotagging is totally rad! Although I'm trying to edit the tags directly via Perl, (the free program) geosetter uses the same libraries to do the same thing in a nice GUI package.

    Boy am I envious!

  2. Agent J -- Not using a wheel generator, though that would be a great solution! I purchased a multi-voltage (110-220) charger for Ni-Mh batteries. Charges two batteries at a time, and weighs ~100 grams. (Specifics, if you are interested: "Sanyo SECMDR02TG3U Eneloop Compact Charger"). -- Steve