Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why on a bike?

I like riding bikes. I'm a weekend and commute rider. Not a racer or a particularly high-miler... just a guy who likes to ride a bike for the same reason that we did as kids: it's fun!

I like building bikes. I've built a few up from scratch -- modified frames, built wheels, fabricated custom metal parts when what a bike "needed" just wasn't available. Nice thing about a bike you've built yourself -- you get exactly what you want, and you can fix it when it breaks ;-)

I like folding bikes in particular at this point. They are very useful -- toss them in the trunk, take them on the train, open them up, and ride. Some folders are toys, but the good ones are great.

I've got a few bikes. Enough? Hard to say exactly. A friend who has grappled with the same question put it well: "How many bikes are enough? One bike short of divorce." My relationship with Katie is pretty good at this point, so it looks like I don't have too many... yet.

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