Friday, January 8, 2010

How unstructured?

The idea for this trip developed during my bicycle commutes to work. Actually the commute is 1) bike into trunk of car; 2) drive to Caltrain station; 3) ride train to San Jose; 4) bike from San Jose central station to office... ~30 miles total... roughly 3 by car, 23 by train, 4 by bike.

As I would turn off the bike path and towards my office, I sometimes wondered: "Where does this path go next? and after that?"

And I began to think that it would be cool to just follow the front wheel, see where the path goes, stop when I wanted, start again when I wanted, find a meal when I got hungry... that unstructured.

Then I began to wonder... what is the bare minumum of Stuff that I'd have to carry?

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