Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remembrance Day / Liberation Day

Yesterday was Remembrance Day in the Netherlands. Flags at half mast.  Remembrance of past disasters may be the only way for us all to prevent the same type of events in the future.  Here in Alphen it was quiet, with memorials in the evening.  Nationwide, a moment of silence.  Was surprised to hear town and church bells pealing at a seemingly random time.  When I checked the clock... it was 19:45 hours.

Today is Liberation Day.  Rock and roll music in the square.  Life goes on!

Katie and I rode 23 miles in the country yesterday.  Beautiful day, great ride, some huge head winds to tire us out.  Got lost from our intended route, but found ourselves again and got home safe.

Katie left today.  Sad, but we had a wonderful time and per Katie she wouldn't have done anything differently while she was here... and that is terrific.

Packing up now for 10 days of solo cycling.  I'm going to have to do the navigation myself instead of relying on a partner, so all bets are off! Will I get home, or will I wander endlessly along the bike paths of the Netherlands?

A heart shaped scar from a lost branch on a tree.  A swan, with her egg.  And a stork, symbol of life... you can just picture her carrying baby in a sling.

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