Thursday, May 7, 2015

Eindhoven / Labors of Hercules / Good Sense Prevails

In Eindhoven, home of Philips ("a Dutch diversified technology company").  Eindhoven motto:  "City of Lights".  Philips launched here in 1892 as a manufacturer of carbon filament lamps, and by 2012 was the largest producer of lighting in the world.  If anyone updates The 12 Labors of Hercules story for the 21st century, here's my suggestion for one modern challenge:  "Hercules, find me a General Electric 60 watt bulb in Eindhoven."

Came in by train, and leaving by train.  It's rainy weather, with big squall lines passing through, and supposed to get worse as the day progresses.  Forecast was for a few hours of just cloudy this morning, and I thought about getting up at 6:00, getting on the bike, riding 30 miles to Den Bosch with my fingers crossed that rain would hold off.  Then I considered the alternative -- coffee, quiet morning walking the downtown area between showers, leisurely pack up then take the train.  It's 9:30 now and I'm not on the bike, so good sense prevailed.

Had a nice conversation on the train yesterday with a woman who was free-lancing doing translations for a window treatments company and who asked to borrow my pen.  Helped translate such concepts as "semi-obscure rolling window shade".  Fun way to pass some time!  Left her my pen from the Anna Antal (with nifty "met de Boot" logo).  She needed it more than I, plus she had a head cold... so my pen is off on its own adventure.

Got together with friends last night, had a quiet evening and enjoyed talking with them.

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