Friday, May 8, 2015

Den Bosch Ride

Friday... a beautiful day for cycling.  Made a plan over breakfast: stay the morning in Den Bosch, ride some miles in the country to the south of town on part of the LF7 route, then take a train in late afternoon on to Breda.

Glad I did.  The countryside outside of Den Bosch was beautiful.  My bike is very quiet, and I spent much of the morning listening to the birds singing as I rode.  Stopped sometimes just to listen closer.

LF7... stands for "Long Bike Route 7"... is one of a couple dozen routes that cover the country.  The name makes them sound like bike highways, and sometimes in town they can be busy.  But they aren't Highway 280 or Route 101 for bikes!  Sections of the LF7 I rode today were single lane dirt paths, and you could stop and maybe see another cyclist every few minutes.

After seeing so many churches I was struck by the cathedral-arch these trees made over the path. Then just after that arch of trees, I found a little roadside sanctuary.  So maybe the cathedral-arch wasn't accidental?  Added a yellow flower and rode on.

 Sunny, and shirt-sleeve temperatures too!

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