Saturday, May 2, 2015


Thought about cycling Friday but... weather still not so nice, cold and cloudy... so took the train to Delft.  The Dutch train system is clear, simple, reliable, easy to use and we still missed the Delft station.  Lot's of comic discussion with a couple local riders, then we got off the train and caught the next one back.  Will keep us humble.

We visited the Prinsenhoff museum.  Nice history of Delftware pottery.  

Those of you who know Katie well know she is kind of an anatomy geek.  And this museum has something of a famous anatomy painting: Anatomy Lessons of dr. Willem van der Meer.  Katie stepped right in, looks completely at home hanging with 16th century anatomy students!  Partly it's a common interest in anatomy.  Partly it's that Katie and the other students are all dressed alike, suitable for indoors in the Netherlands -- neck scarves, under-coats, outer-coats, wrist-warmers -- it's the layered look across the centuries.

Home, nice dinner, nice evening walk.  But at a crossroads.  I looked at the weather in Rome and Seville.  Their lows... are higher than Netherlands highs.  And no rain in sight there.  Went to bed early, got up late to stay warm.  Weather needs to shape up some, please. 

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