Saturday, May 9, 2015


Can't say much about Breda as I wasn't there long enough to really experience the town... in late afternoon by train, out early next morning by bike.

Did have a nice conversation with some local folks over coffee in the evening.  Thoroughly enjoyed that.

And my hosts, who have a small chicken coop with two chickens and a very young goose told me a great story.  They found the goose egg earlier this spring on a walk in the country.  Conditions didn't look good for it for some reason where they found it, so they brought it home and put it in a chicken nest.  One of their chickens sat on it for 20+ days, and one day out popped a baby goose... who is already bigger than "mom".  Hosts posed me this Zen question:  which is smarter, the chicken or the goose?  Silly question, without an answer, but brings a smile.

Breda did also provide me with a quick karmic balance adjustment.  Much as I loved the bathtub in Den Bosch (I took a second hot bath in the morning!), there was a karmic price to be paid.  My place last night was nice but basic.  Like basic in there was hot water only from the kitchen faucet, not in the shower -- shower was cold water only.  I figured that after two baths in the last day I really couldn't need a shower that much after all, so I put the soap back. Anyway, that's how how my karma was brought back into balance pronto.

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