Friday, May 15, 2015

Back in Alphen

Left Haarlem this morning.  Enjoyed the ride to the train station, took the train (via Leiden) to Alphen.

Had a 30 minute stop in Leiden, popped out of the station to look around.  Had a great conversation with a guy who really wanted details about my bike.  Like many things, "fellowship of the bike" is kind of a universal introduction.

Want to take a moment to thank two silent participants in my little odyssey around the Netherlands:  the train service, and my bike.  Both made it possible.

The Dutch train service is frequent, punctual, and user friendly.  By the way, if you are thinking about a trip and just want to check out how easy it is to figure out train schedules and make your plans, click here.  Enter your departure station, destination, and desired time of day.

My bike has been a gem.  Rides great, folds up, packs in a suitcase, carbon fiber belt instead of a chain so you don't get greasy every time you fold it.  Thumbs up to Bike Friday "Silk"!

Back in Alphen, took a slow and quiet ride through the countryside.  Beautiful area.

Now packing up.  Have my bike in the suitcase, so the "jeez, I have to think about this" part of packing is done.  From here on, mainly just stuffing one thing into another.

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