Saturday, April 25, 2015

Riding and sailing a 'short Northern loop'

After dawn visit to FloraHolland operation we floated back to near Amsterdam, then rode a northern loop for 3 days.  Purmerend, Edam, Alkmaar, Beemster polder, more... I've probably got them out of order, because my memory is really simple:  three days of wonderful cycling.  Weather kept getting nicer until by Friday it was shirt-sleeve-cycling nice in the afternoon.  Now have a nice tan as well as an extra 10 pounds (tempted to adopt the cook on the Anna Antal).

A solid week of great weather in April, zero rain. Usually cloudy in the morning, evolving to full sun by late afternoon. Locals say an April week without rain is very unusual.  I get the impression that it has  happened before, but maybe not since about say 1887.

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