Friday, August 17, 2012

They don't get much fresher!

Riding between Deventer and Zwolle....Hot, sunny afternoon, through some flat and open farmland... Stopped for a water break.

First noticed off to the right a 'train' of bins, connected to a tractor, and full of potatoes.

Then saw some kind of harvester, attached to another tractor, working the field.

Turned around and saw the farm building on our side of the road, with chalkboard sign out front.

Sign said, basically, "Fresh Potatoes", with three varieties. Well, that was cool enough.  You could get very fresh potatoes.  Although, really, I'm not at all sure that freshness matters in spuds.  Does it?  More important question: which variety makes the best Frites?

Popped inside building to check it out, and found a "Potato Automat"... put in your Euros, take out your Potatoes.  Don't know exactly why, but field-to-automat-in-30-paces struck me as just VERY cool thing.

And if you wanted, they also had fresh eggs.

Rode on, without buying either spuds or eggs. No place to cook them, no desire to haul extra kilos on down the road.

Maybe I'm just easily amused, but this really tickled me. 

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