Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gay Pride Day, Amsterdam

Arrived at the boat Saturday afternoon.  Saturday was Gay Pride Day in Amsterdam, a city known for it's quiet, reserved, understated approach to life... wait, no, I'm confused, that is some other town... it certainly isn't Amsterdam!

We joined our boat down at the docks mid afternoon.  Didn't realize it, but the parade in Amsterdam was naturally on the canals, by boat, and the end of the route... was exactly where we were docked.  Saw dozens of barges, all colors, all themes, but with the same basic message:  "hey, it's great to be gay, but if you aren't well hang out and join the party anyway, there is plenty of music to go around and the sun is shining".  A good party. The entire continent suffered a shortage of dance music yesterday, it was all in Amsterdam.

Lots of corporate sponsorship of the barges, which was pretty cool. Saw IBM, Google, ING, Cisco, etc etc.

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