Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Airbus A380-800... what a plane!

I've got a new love in the world of aviation!

Boeing 747 used to be the apple of my eye. Not young, not very graceful, sometimes not even clean...but BIG. As BIG as you could find in the air, short of a zeppelin.Put simply, to the question "Why do you like 747s?" my answer was always "because I can't find anything bigger."

Welcome Airbus A-380!  New, sparkling, probably made of space age plastic, and sets a new standard for BIG.  Two decker, all the way.. Wings that look as long as football fields.  Feels like a flying building.  In Houston airport, took up 3 entire boarding gates. Just an absolutely, beautifully, surrealistically huge plane.

Courtesy of a bazillion frequent flyer miles, Katie and I rode upstairs in business class.  Nice.  Quiet.  Spacious.  Recaro seats, with their own instruction manuals. 

I understand that somewhere down in the basement of the plane there were hordes of passengers in steerage, living without hot towels and possibly even sharing blankets.  Shocking. 

Like the 747, the A-380 looks ungainly on the ground.  Seeing a two-story plane makes you think there may be something wrong with your eyes.  And long flights are long flights, no matter the vehicle.

Boeing, life moves on.  I'll always love your 747. We've travelled the miles together in safety, sometimes on time and occasionally even in comfort.  But that A-380 is a hottie, and one big mama!

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