Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bike / train / foot / boat trip : 2428 kilometers

For many reasons, I bounced around by train quite a bit -- weather, joining Katie at airport, moving from biking spot to biking spot, returning to origin point by train some days when I didn't want to do entire round trip by bike, etc.

Based on time-in-the-saddle versus time-on-the-train-seat, this was clearly a bike trip! Trains go a lot faster than bikes, so I spent many more hours on the bike. Based on distance covered, it was another story: 848 kilometers by bike, 1319 kilometers by train. Makes it a bike / train trip.

Based on a sore-feet measure, it was another story! There were four or five days that had lots of walking, especially in Amsterdam and in Maastricht, but also shorter hikes in Haarlem, Leiden, Roermond, Otterlo, etc. It's a guess, but I figure 200+ kilometers total walking distance, with seriously tired feet a couple days. So, a bike / train / foot trip.

And based on a sheer this-is-a-lovely-way-to-travel measure, the boat distance of 61 kilometers was some of the very nicest distance. So, bike / train / foot / boat trip!

All in distance number: 2428 kilometers.

My friend Kelly just pointed out to me that the very first Tour de France in 1903 was exactly 2428 kilometers long. Interesting coincidence!


  1. I thought it would be interesting to Google "2428 kilometers" to see if anything interesting came up. The very first Tour de France in 1903 was exactly 2428 kilometers long! Pretty cool, and very fitting :D


  2. Now that IS cool! Thank you! Too bad all those riders rushed through it, instead of taking the time to have a good look around and a nap or two in the shade.