Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weight Loss

Bike did feel a bit lighter and nimbler after I lightened the load a little, and gave the tires a bit more air. Also, realized that the "anvil" feeling on first day of cycling might have been partly jet-lag induced... body-time, I was riding in the prime cycling hours of 3:00 am on!

I'll continue minimizing weight. For example, did you know that "The Girl Who Played With Fire" was written in multiple parts? And thanks to some careful slicing, it is also now available in physical parts! (Part one is finished and in the trash; part two is in my bag; parts 3 on are in the mail back to Amsterdam for later).

Keep minimizing and by the end of this trip I may reach my original platonic ideal of luggage: passport, credit card, toothbrush.

It is raining. Sunday is going to be a wet one! No heavy cycling planned... just a short ride back into Nijmegen to museum.

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