Monday, May 17, 2010

Musical Chairs

The Dutch say their weather is "changeable".

Yesterday Katie and I sat down at a cafe for a late lunch on a sunny afternoon.

Sat first at a table in the shade of a big tree, and placed our order. Enjoyed that table for a while, but it turned out to be a bit cold since we were just sitting.

So we moved to a nearby table, in full sun. Was lovely and warm, sunglasses time. Received our lunch.

A light drizzle began. It became a shower. In turn, the shower became a rain, which became a downpour. At about the shower stage, we changed tables again to sit under an umbrella.

Enjoyed our dry lunch, and a coffee.

As Cathleen said: "... pretty much every day in Holland involves some kind of precipitation event."

Back in Otterlo, so we can enjoy the Kroller-Muller together before Katie flies home tomorrow.

Multi-modal transport day yesterday: bus, bike, train, taxi, foot.

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