Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mooie fiets!

Taking break along LF3, beside the Maas... online courtesy of an unsecured network ;-)

It strikes me that the Dutch are to bicycles as the Comanche were to horses: expert on, inseparable from, notorious thieves of, etc.

There has been a lot of interest in my bike -- it is an exotic here.

Three unsolicited representative conversations:

First, with an older gentleman who stopped me in Maastricht. He had recently purchased a folder, and wasn't really happy with the riding positions it afforded. He was intrigued that my bike folded, but also managed handlebars high enough to provide a comfortable, upright riding position. Bike Friday may receive an order from the Netherlands.

Second, with my host and his teenage son in Maastricht. Dad could not believe I was touring on a commute bicycle. Son was maybe 16, knew his bicycles cold, and set his dad straight. Son said more or less: "this is a very special bike, it is made by a small marque in the United States, it has lots of gears and is faster than it looks." If son keeps up his pitch, Bike Friday may receive a second order from the Netherlands.

And finally, a few minutes ago as I waited with a group of cyclists to cross the river by ferry, the most concise and telling opinion. From a 10-year-old kid cycling with his family: "Mooie fiets!"

In English: "Nice bike!"

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