Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday and Tuesday of this week...

Great days Monday and Tuesday...

Katie and I left G&C&J's place in Amsterdam Monday morning, after a really nice weekend visit. (Garrett by the way is a killer cook, though I don't think he realizes it. Shrimp tacos, pork cutlets, tuna steaks, mango salad ... between Garrett and Ron, I'm barely staying even on the scale despite beaucoup biking miles!)

We walked together over to the #15 bus stop, and said a temporary goodbye: K took the bus to Amsterdam Zuid station, I rode my bike. Easy ride, and I was waiting for Katie at the station when she arrived. Bike ride felt very short, wondering why: knew the route? better weather? in better shape after couple weeks of riding? Who knows. Anyway, we met "by the fish" at the station, got our tix to Ede Waginegen, hopped the train.

Ede is closest stop to Otterlo, which is closest village to Kroller-Muller / Hoge-Vulewe. Katie mentioned to me while I was planning trip: "if you come across anything really nice before I arrive, maybe we could spend a day there before I leave."
We could do anything for the couple days until Katie had to catch her plane home, and we chose to return to Otterlo / K-M museum, H-V park.

Took taxi from Ede to Otterlo, checked in at Houtekamp B&B, said hi to the dog / rabbits / chickens / peacocks / cows / sheep / goats (hope I didn't omit anyone...), then spent two wonderful days cycling and walking.

Weather was prime. Fries were good. Thirty kilometers on bikes more or less, just noodling around in Hoge-Vulewe and on little trails in and around Otterlo, plus a few kilometers walking.

Saw the stag again, late evening on Monday, wonderful!

Watered and fed the rabbits.

Watched the peacock try to interest the peahen in some hanky-panky, and can only say WOW. Peacocks pull out all the stops, guys. Serious 'hey look at me! let's have some fun!' display. He looked like he belonged in Mummers' parade.

Set the alarm for Wednesday morning. Early pick-up, to get K to the airport.

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